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Hi I'm using 8 boards in parrallel mode and I want to transfer the row data from each board to PC for analizing and for display the data\\ the problem us that I have to take the data simultaneously from 8 sources (8 boards ) the data rate from each board (based on the TI c6416) is 51.2 Mbps and i want to interface those 8 boards using th pci interface

can someone give me creative solution ///????

Thanks Shai

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Hi, Shai. Can't read minds here. I'd guess you're interfacing with eight TI DSPs from your description. Are you talking about eight byte- wide or word-wide interfaces (64 or 128 total bits), 8 seial interfaces, or what? It's kind of obvious you'll probably have to buffer the data -- how much data do you have? Is is possible to clock, or at least enable, the inputs so you only have to look at one at a time? What about overrun?

C'mon. Try a little harder. Take a minute and describe your problem well -- that is, if you want good advice.

Cheers Chris

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