Microprocessor interfacing with PCI

I am working in interfacing Sitara Processor from texas instruments onto the PCI bus(sitara does not support inbuilt PCI). Can I interface AM3358 with PCI controller like PCI9054. Do I need to add any logic in between Sitara and PCI9054. Please Explain why do i need a logic in between PCI

9054 and processor

Regards Viswanath

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There's three overlapping reasons you haven't got an answer:

First, if you can understand the answer you don't need it, and the information that you need to understand the answer is contained in several years worth of study.

Second, the data sheet for the PCI9054 is not easily available on the web.

Three, no one wants to do the work it takes to come up with even a rough answer.

So here's how to find out for yourself:

Look at the data sheet for the AM3358. Look at the data sheet for the PCI9054. If the board-side interface of the PCI9054 looks like it'll match up to the AM3358 without logic, then no, you don't need logic. Otherwise you do.

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