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I added a switch to a velleman pcs500(amazing that they didn't add one but I should have known better) because for some reason it does not automatically turn off when not in use. In any case I'm wondering if there can be any detrimental effect by doing this? There are no inductors on the circuit board so I don't see any issue with kickback. It uses 9VDC and I added the switch between the power jack and the circuit board.

Thanks, Jon

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Jon Slaughter
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Hi, Jon. I'd just put the adapter plug for the PCS on the PC power strip, and have the PCS500 on whenever the PC is on.

But since the connection between the PCS500 and the PC is through the printer port, it shouldn't hurt either the PCS or the PC to have one off and the other on.

However, you may have some difficulty with your PCS software initializing the printer port if you turn on the PCS after the PC has started. Try it and see. Hey, if it works, it works.

Cheers Chris

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