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Hi is anyone here knows how to deal with PCB Net lengths in Altium Designer? BTW, i'm currently routing 2-DDR2 device, so i have to match the length of the two DDR net length.


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yy7d6, Are you having problems with the net length matching function or you don't know about it?

Contary to intuitive thought, the net length matching function must be run repetitively until the lengths have been matched within your tolerances. It doesn't run one single time and achieve the matched length in that one pass.

If your question is as basic as it may appear, try reading the PDF files supplied along with the help files under the Help menu. The PDFs should have some guidance on the function itself or it may come under their instruction for autorouting and DRC rules generation/definition for net lengths.

p.s. I don't currently use AD so I can't give you specific instruction on using it.

Brad Velander.
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