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Cadsoft Eagle library part description question...

Anybody know of a source for an existing Eagle lbr package description that uses the MLF-28 package with 0.65 mm (0.026 in) pin pitch?

I want to document some circuits I made with PIC chips. Existing Microchip libraries didn't make me feel good. I decided to make my own lib for some of the PICs I use based on other people's work. The PIC16F876A is available in a MLF-28 (aka ML-28) chip. I haven't used it, but I wanted to add that to my lbr while I was at it. After much searching the closest I found was a lbr with a package for a MLP chip that has .050 in pitch.

Sigh. Do I have to resort to drawing the package myself? I like to steal or adapt when possible, but I'm not finding anything.

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