user experiences of Altium Designer?


I'm seeking out a new PCB design package, and have been pointed to look at Altium Designer from someone in the group.

On (digital!) paper, it looks excellent, ideal in fact.

But I would like to hear from real users, as our current system (EasyPC) although lacking in many areas being bottem end, still lets us down in areas it shouldn't because some areas of it are very buggy.

Is Altium Designer stable, and does what it claims to well?

What about support response?


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I started with Orcad 386 and used it till they moved into the larger (more $$) versions. I switched to Protel 98SE and have upgraded that to it's current form - Designer.

I do 1 major project (1000+ components) and 2 or 3 minor ones each year.

The software works as advertized. It's perfect for my projects. Their support is great. Always answer in 24 hrs and have a good answer not just babble from some users guide.

Another aspect is that I can ship the really big projects out across the country to experts for routing and other services.

Hope this helps george

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megoodsen wrote: :user experiences of Altium Designer?


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