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.alter card with SPICE 2G.6. It blocks?
Does anybody know why this simple circuit blocks? *ampli simple vin 1 0 ac 1 rin 1 2 1k rbidon 2 0 1k r2 2 3 10k e1 3 0 2 0 -1e6 .ac dec 10 10k 20meg .print ac v(3) vp(0,3) .alter rbidon 2 0 500 .end...
Output file of LTspice
At present the file I obtain with File, Export data as text is unpleasant. Can I obtain an output file like older versions of SPICE? With node voltages (small signal bias solution), transistor...
Lost my OrCAD PSpice menu bar.
On a computer (Windows 10) the menu bar (File Edit View etc.) is either at the top of the pspice window or somewhere else on your screen if you move it with the mouse. On another computer it has...
Looking for a NGSpice model or subcircuit for TC4422 MOSFET driver
I Use NG-Spicec and am looking for a model or subcircuit for the TC4422 MOSFET driver. Would very much appreciate if you could point me to it. I did see a model but it was a wierd format, not a...
Using Glaplace component in PSPICE for frequency controlled resistor (2023 Update)
Hello everyone, To model a frequency-controlled resistor, I used the method including a non -linear laplace form voltage control current source "GLaplace", that some w ebsites and engineerings...
CAD freeware for customer IC design
Does Windows 10 or Linux (Centos?) CAD freeware exist for IC transistor layout? By IC transistor layout I mean it would understand poly crossing over diffusion as being an xtor and a M1 layer crossing...
Trouble with Orcad Pspice version 9.1
I am missing the toolbar with File Edit View Simulation etc. Instead I have small grey icons corresponding the options you find with Trace, Cursor. But they are useless. It was working fine with...
New to This group
Hello Friend, I am new to this group and say hello to all. Regards ERIC
Wind, solar, storage and back-up system designer
Wind, solar, storage and back-up system designer for 100% renewable energy grids and microgrids with 24/7/52 power-on-demand! Replies, comments and questions about using the Wind, solar, storage and...
Protel 99 simulation output in printed numeric form ?
Hello, anybody still use Protel 99 SE? I need to get a printed numeric form of a simulation result. (time vs. voltage in print format, not plot format.) Anybody know how to do that? I tried adding a...
Looking for print out of IVEX Windraft file
I'm looking for someone who can make a printout of an old IVEX Windraft file I have. When I did some remodeling I layed out all the electrical work with Windraft. I thought I made a number of hard...
Can't find definition for model 'R'
can't find definition of model 'R'.jpg
OLDEST version of Office..?
..that is supported (can be activated)?
Hello, anyone there? How get/run Kicad; *assuming* one can get it,will it load then run under Win2K? Assuming i had it, can one covert an Eagle file to Kicad? Thanks.
KICAD help anyone?
Is KICAD now belly-up? ALL references i had are dead in one way or another. Is there anyway to import EAGLE file to KICAD (assuming KCAD is available and works)?