Help With A Schematic

I've just completed this device and it does what it's supposed
to(distort a guitars output signal) but has no gain... Can anyone help
me try and get more gain out of this pig? Perhaps change some of the
devices values...add pots? Who knows I don't... see this hyperlink to
view the schematic (
formatting link
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What transistors are you using?
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Ross Marchant
Start by lowering the 4.7k a bit
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Lower it to what value ?
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Bill Gallagher
I have no experience with guitar effects, so I need to ask what is the impedance of the source driving this circuit?
You might try increasing the 22k to 47k or 68k to see if that makes a difference. You should also check very carefully that you built it right.
regards, Johnny.
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On 15 Nov 2005 20:15:49 -0800, "william" put finger to keyboard and composed:
The first thing I would do is to verify your construction by taking some DC bias measurements with the input shorted to ground. I'd expect a voltage of 2.1V at the collector of the first transistor, for example.
-- Franc Zabkar
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Franc Zabkar

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