Need help with this connectors

Hi Gurus,

I am a senior software developer, but a newbie as a embedded software developer. I am currently working on a project with the following characteristics:

- C/C++ code

- CodeWarrior 1.2

- ARM7TDMI (I think)

The device (ECR machine) I am working with has a modem, 2 serial ports, one Ethernet port, one USB port, one GPRS card.

What I do is, write code, compile, compress, download to device (using the serial port) then test it on the device. I cannot debug ON the device, I just do not know how to...

I need help/guidance with the following:

- I need to be able to do a source-level debugging ON the board. I have done it before (in another project/company) using a JTag/ICE. However, I do not recognize the connectors on this board. I have taken pictures of the board that can be seen here:

formatting link

- Also, does anybody have a tutorial/howto regarding moving this CodeWarrior 1.2 MCP project onto to a newer development environment? Does anybody have any recommendation on a newer development environment? I have downloaded WinARM, would this be a good choice?

- What about wiring the JTAG (or whatever connector I need)? I have a good computer with Parallel/Serial/USB port...


- Is there any company that can sell a Development environment + JTAG (or whatever the connector this board requires) at a good price that anyone can recommend?

I have talked to someone form Keil but either I couldn't make myself understand or something else, but they could not offer any help/guidance.

Thank you very much...JRivero

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Looks like an FPC/FFC connector. You would need an adaptor from the standard 20 pin ARM JTAG Header. Most ARM boards used to have a 14 pin JTAG header, and the FPC connector has 14 pins. I am not sure where you can get a ready made adaptor for this.

Depends what you mean by "good price". Keil has been bought by ARM, and their compiler is by all accounts the best. Rowley

formatting link
has a very nice development environment with an IDE which uses the gcc compiler, but they have their own libraries, which are "better" than the usual new-lib library people use with gcc. For a free development encironment look at YAGARTO. It is Eclipse with gcc + newlib and OpenOCD. (Open On Chip Debugger).


Regards Anton Erasmus

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Anton Erasmus

Thank you Anton!!!

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