Help! What is this card?

Hello guys, I have a ISA-card with a xilinx xc3030 on it that i understand is something you know what it is..

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I looked in all my drawers and found this one that was given to me a couple of years ago, does anyone know what it is, and what can be done with it?

If sellable, what is reasonable to ask for this card?

Thanks in advance! :)


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Lars Helgeson
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Hi Lars,

last winter I also found two boards with XC3000s on them. What I did with them was to de-populate them and make them into key-holders.

Now they are hanging on the wall in my flat and do a proper job. Appart from that, if you want to do any FPGA-things: those things are ancient....



Lars Helges> Hello guys, I have a ISA-card with a xilinx xc3030 on it that i

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Martin Kellermann

Type "cio-das801/802" into google, second hit..

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Lasse Langwadt Christensen

Did you try google on the obvious part number (DAS-801) ???

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Chris Stratton


A Xilinx XC3030 is an FPGA providing up to 2,000 equivalent logic gates, or 100 configurable logic blocks to be more exact. The XC3000 series FPGAs were never supported by Xilinx ISE development software, so the legacy stuff you can find on their website won't help you. You need Foundation, not ISE Foundation.

As an I/O card, it might be worth a little to someone who can find a use for it. As a development card, it isn't worth anything. As a museum piece... wait a while... maybe a long while :-)

Dwayne Surdu-Miller

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Dwayne Surdu-Miller

haha, I had a XC4010 as key-holder too, but i though it's not lead free so I dont want to keep it anymore. If sellable, what is reasonable to ask for this keyhold? :)

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Hello from Gregg C Levine Regarding those boards, or even that one, if your don't need it, I'll take it. Write me away from the list for my address.

-- Gregg C Lev>

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Gregg C Levine

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