Magnavox LCD TV on the fritz...any suggestions?

Hi folks...

My sister, who lives on the other side of the country from where I do, has a fairly new Magnavox LCD TV that just went kaput. If I lived closer, I'd have already taken the thing apart by now and troubleshot what sounds like a power supply problem. In as much as I can't help her where I'm at, I told here I'd post the information here on the chance that someone had run into this problem before. Perhaps someone could identify this as a known problem with this make and model. Is the set even worth fixing?

These are the set specifics:

LCD TV purchased February 2006 > Magnavox model 32MF605W\17, > Serial number BZ2A0548170969 > MFG date: Nov 2005

And the symptoms as she describes them:

The power indicator will light up green when I turn on the TV, but there is no

picture or sound, just black.

When I press "menu" on the tv or remote, no menu appears on the screen, nor

are there any numbers to indicate channels or source, etc.

When I push the "source" button on the remote to scroll through source

options, nothing appears on the tv except that one of the choices appears to make the black screen a barely perceptible shade lighter than black.

Magnavox, by the way, is no help at all. The best they could offer her was sympathy that the set of "out of warranty" and the lame explanation that "all the new technology [fails] like this." I suspect this is the last Magnavox she'll ever buy. web-bot-resistant email address is: hpf{atsign}gainbroadband{period}com

Thanks in advance, and 73

Pete AC7ZL

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I agree that it sounds like a major PS failure. Barring a simple blown fuse, there seems to be no easy way to fix it. I take it that Maganvox will fix the set, but your sister doesn't like the repair cost.

Just out of curiosity -- is there any sound? If there is, the problem could be with the backlight.

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William Sommerwerck

No, she replies that there is no sound, either.

I've seen postings elsewhere on the net that suggest that this model, or least a run of this model, was prone to inverter failure. Her particular set's problem sounds more serious, I'm afraid.

Pete AC7ZL

William Sommerwerck wrote:

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