Magnavox Projection TV

Please help. I thought that the green tube in my older Magnavox PTV had gone completely. Then I notice that the tube still works, but only lights when the image calls for maximum "greenness"- typically cartooons, a pure bright green. Apparently, "green" grass/trees/etc. are not bright green enough. Can anyone give pointers to fix this problem? I've already done the coolant change, and the tuner chip replacement. It's sort of a battle between me and the engineers who designed the thing, just to keep it working.


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It's a 95% chance that the coolant fluid in all three of your projection units is contaminated, especially the green. Look straight into the lens, if you don't see a sharp cloudless unfogged image, your fluid needs to be replaced. DO NOT OPEN until you know what your up against. Bill

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