Starting project with MPC8260 (considering Montavista)

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I am starting a project on the MPC8260 on a custom designed board, and
I am intending to use linux instead of a standard RTOS.

I am more keen on using a solution such as Montavista's as the linux
API seems to remain untouched, allowing for software to be fully
compatible to both embedded and desktop linux targets.

one thing I have noticed is that the Montavista's Real-Time
Performance pdf dates from May 2002, and refers to linux kernel 2.4.
Meanwhile from what I gathered Montavista has integrated their
preemtable kernel option with the original linux kernel on version

I seemed that one of the main reasons to go for Montavista was that it
allowed for preemption.

What is then the difference between Montavista's version of embedded
linux, and the original linux kernel ?

Is support for the MPC8260 not available on the original kernel

I would appreciate if anybody comments on any of these issues, to
clarify things a bit.

Thanks in advance


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