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Why MontaVista does not upgrade their Linux support from 2.4 to 2.6 version?
I was told that 2.6 is much more powerful than 2.4. Does any customer
complain to Mvista?

Re: MontaVista Linux
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I believe MVL are working on 2.6, but it's a lot of work; they support a
stack of different boards.

BTW I'm not at all convinced that 2.6 has been "hardened" enough yet for
production purposes. There are reports of performance problems on the
most recent release of the kernel source. I'd rather stick with a nice,
stable 2.4 kernel until that gets sorted.

Re: MontaVista Linux
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Hi rob,

Afaik Montavista is about to deliver the next Version with kernel 2.6.
But consider that they have a lot of work: Port all supported Plattforms
and Boards and test them (Customers pay a lot of money for MV-Linux, so
they expect working stuff). They have to port Montavista "specials" like
RT-Extensions and Montavista-Tools. For some platforms they need to port
and integrate patches from the silicon vendors or third party companies.
  An one important aspect is that in the meantime the customers expect
ongoing support for 2.4. I'm not working for Montavista :-), but I
understand why they need so long time. And as a customer I must say that
I like a stable and working 2.4 kernel even more then an incomplete and
buggy 2.6 one.

Best Regards,


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