Enable V4L support for Montavista

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I have loaded Montavista Kernel Image into the Xilinx ML310 Board. a
DLink camera is connected to the USB port of the board.
During the kernel configuration and creation of Image file
I had enabled
1. PCI
2. Video for Linux file system
3. USB , USB OHCI and ov51x camera support.

The system compiles without error and zImage .elf file gets generated.
When i tried to load the Linux kernel onto the system, an error is
generated for ov51x
ov51x: error : /proc/video does not exist

A careful scan of ov51x.c revealed that object video_proc_entry is null

But the videodev.c under video for Linux clearly defines the file and
exports the symbol.

Can any body help me, so that i could enable my camera driver.


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