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This might sound funny, but how to remove the start up messages during
the boot up including the kernel loading, init scripts and the module
initialisation tests. A screen shielding the messages would also be
great like windows XP.
I am developing my own distro for a Set top box application, so it
might not be desirable to show the linux booting process on a
Please suggest me some ways or resources. I am short on keywords to
search for this problem.

PS I have seen the previous thread, I have a stronger reason and since
sometime has passed I thought there might actually be a solution now.
Also the modifying the init scripts was not a great idea, something
like kernel patch is what I am looking at..

Re: removing boot messages

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Hi Ravi,
you might insert this line into your lilo.conf (if you use lilo):
This suppresses at least the kernel messages.

To suppress the script output you may edit the scripts and add
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behind program calls.


Re: removing boot messages
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Is something like Fedora Core what you're after? It isn't complete, but
by suppressing the Kernal Startup messages (it does this already), and
tweaking the console, along with having the XServer start during
initialisation like Fedora Core will give you want you want.


Re: removing boot messages
Hi Ravi,

There are many ways to do it. But in your case you can use Silent mode
in Lilo to hide lots of boot msgs. Also have a look on the project /.
You can show any splash screen during boot from lilo.

Rushi (Ravi) wrote in message
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