Best Emb-distro for Arcade Games

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I need to install a Linux Embedded distribution that simply launch an
application for an Arcade game from a compact flash on Via Epia
board...whitch distribution/docs I need?

Thank alot!

Re: Best Emb-distro for Arcade Games

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If you only want to start an application directly after booting a kernel on
x86, you could simply build a kernel, build a file system on your CF and
copy a statically-linked version of your game onto that CF. Then create any
files your app needs and create a symlink to /sbin/init. The kernel will
then run your app automatically (and panic, if it ends).

Another option is using Busybox for getting both init and a shell, create
some scripts and be happy. You don't need a full-blown distribution, if you
can compile the game for yourself (maybe even with a cross-compiler).

Documentation ... well, compiling a kernel, compiling busybox and maybe
something about cross-compilers. I personally use buildroot [ ] to create my toolchain and the busybox-binary.
Everything else is work, but not too hard. Busybox' documentation [ ] is useful.

Everything else depends on your application.


Re: Best Emb-distro for Arcade Games
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THANKS ALOT Sebastian!!! ;-)

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