Problem booting via grub from cf card

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my cf card is connected via cf to ide adapter on the second ide channel

an root (hd3,0) with grub, bootet from fdd brings an error, its not able
to find the hdd1 partition...

any help?


Re: Problem booting via grub from cf card
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Are you sure that you have connected the device as /dev/hdd that should
be secondary channel slave drive.

How did you format the cf card?


Re: Problem booting via grub from cf card
hi neon,
           Make sure the cf is connected as hdd.One sure test is as
At the grub prompt press the c key to get the grub command prompt.issue
the following command (assuming the ext2 fs is in the hd1 partition.)

grub>cat (hd3,0)/boot/<Press tab now>

If the info given by u is correct then the drive should be showing the
contents of the /boot
directory.Else try changing the numbers.

3=>secondary slave and 0=>1st partition in it.


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