booting from CF-Card

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Hi there,

what I want to do is to boot my linux from a root device on an compact
flash card. My target device does not boot from the compact flash
card, strangly it is detected as an ide slave, although I configured
the jumper on my ide - cf adapter card properly. Anyway my target
device has  a flash disk on board, which can boot. A linux kernel and
loadlin.exe fit there, so I thought I try it that way. Now I have
problems when chosing the compact flash card as a root device, the
kernel mounts the ext2 partition I created there and then fails with
"cannot create initial console". Another way would be to boot a initrd
image from within the compact flash card, but I don't know how to
acomplish that. Maybe I put an initrd image on the booting flash disk
which then mounts the image on the compact flash card, which then
becomes root. Any Ideas?

By the way, I can access the compact flash card through a linux rescue
disk. The compact flash card is not recogniced under dos/freedos.

Any sugestions would be highly appreachiated. Thanks!

Re: booting from CF-Card

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Sound like your adapter's decoding is faulty.   You might need to check
the CS1 and CS0 signal lines.    The IDE pinouts and signals are
available at

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How did you setup the CF?  Most system would default it to primary

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Under what device?

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Need more data to help you.

Re: booting from CF-Card

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Yes, this is how I've solved this problem.  The kernel
and the initrd on the embedded flash, and in the initrd
you mount and do a pivot_root to the compact flash.
There are some really good READMEs on initrd but you
can write me if you get stuck.


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