CF card interfacing problems

Hi all, My board has a CF-slot which conforms to the CF/CF+ 2.0 specifications.I am trying to interface a SanDisk or Lexar CF (Type I) card to the slot and configure it into the true-IDE mode of operation (which should compulsarily be supported by all CF 2.0 compliant storage cards with the possible exception of CF+ card). I have the following queries:

1.How do I find out whether my card follows CF or CF+ specification which version etc.? 2.Assuming it does follow the CF spec.,is there a way I can ensure that the card goes into true-IDE mode on power cycle (I'm ensuring that OE- is let low during powering up the card as reuired by the 2.0 document).

regards, KV

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It would help a lot if you would specify wether this is a custom board you designed and you are experiencing problems in getting interfacing to the CF to work, or if it's a board you bought made by someone else and you experinence setup/config/driver problems etc.

For true IDE mode it does not matter cause this is the mode that was default and available with all CF cards ever since.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with the CF cards you mention or any other CF card you can buy these days. The problem must be somewhere else. Again, you are not specific enough - please clarify what board, what you are trying to do, if you just write software for it etc. etc.



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