debug tools for arm-linux application

any good debug tools for arm-linux application coding?

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GDB and DDD.

Tauno Voipio
tauno voipio (at) iki fi
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Tauno Voipio

A good syntax-coloring program editor and a brain.

1/2 ;)
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Grant Edwards

A good tool for ARM is insight and gdbserver.

I've build the 6.1 version in the past:

First I've "untarred" the sources into a directory, then created a directory insight-6.1-arm and gdbserver-arm-6.1.

The directory with sources look like this:

./gdbserver-arm-6.1 (empty) ./insight-6.1 (the source tree) ./insight-arm-linux-6.1 (empty)

This is the configuration commands I've used:

Into the insight-arm-linux-6.1:

# ../insight-6.1/configure --host=i686-pc-linux --target=arm-linux

--prefix=/usr/local/insight-arm-6.1 --enable-sim

# make # make install

Then, into gdbserver-arm-6.1 configure the gdbserver program:

# ../insight-6.1/gdb/gdbserver/configure --target=arm-linux

# make

After build, run the insight program. In the "File", "Target settings" menu, select this options:

Connection: Target: Remote/TCP Hostname: Port: 2345 (or any free port you want)

Expand the "More options", then: Run Options: [x] Attach to Target [ ] Download program

Run Method: < > Run program Continue from last stop

And for the global options, ensure that the "Set breakpoint at main" is checked.

Search in the gdbserver-arm-6.1 directory the binary "gdbserver" and put it into your target. Then, after having builded your application with the -ggdb debug option, run it in the target arm device in this way:

# gbdserver :

In the insight program, select the "run" menu, then "Run", choose your ARM program binary and... play with it!

I think that the same procedure may be used to build the gdb source. Gdb may be used with another front-end, if you don't like insight.

I hope this may help you.

Regards, Gabriele

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Gabriele Brugnoni

Try lauterbach ;-)

formatting link

rgrds, Munish Nayyar

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