PPC 2.6 Kernel hangs after printing "Now booting the kernel"

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Firstly, I am new to the world of building Linux Kernels.

I am trying to get a 2.6.10 Kernel that I downloaded from Kernel.org
to run on my PPC hardware.

I managed to get the Kernel to compile and link, and got myself a
zImage.elf file. As I really wanted a zImage.bin file, I used the
following command line to produce a .bin file:

powerpc-linux-objcopy -I elf32-powerpc -O binary zImage.elf zImage.bin

When I run the Linux Kernel I get :

Uncompressing Linux...done.
Now booting the kernel

And that, as they say is that, it just hangs there, I have no idea if
its gone into an infinite loop, crashed or whatever.

I have grepped the code for the print "Now booting the kernel" which
is output by the routine load_kernel() in

The code returns after this print. The routine load_kernel() is called
from \arch\ppc\boot\simple\relocate.S

The last instructions that I see are:

li r9,0x4
mtlr r9

Which suggests that the bootloader is expecting the KERNEL to be
sitting at address 0x00000004 and it is being vectored to it.

Can anyone suggest where I should be checking my Kernel for
configuration problems, or any good areas to add extra print commands
(puts or printk). I am literally tearing my hair out with this one.

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