No serial output while booting a Xilinx ML403 board


I am new to the embedded world and I am having a problem getting a Xilinx ML403 board to output any info while it is booting. I am using EDK 9.1 from Xilinx to create the bit stream for the ML403 board. I configured the software to use linux 2.6 and generated the libraries and BSPs. I had to change the xparameters.h file to include the xparameters_ml40x.h file. I am using Linux-2.6.22-rc1-gfaa8b6c3- dirty. I think this is a modified Montavista kernel.

I downloaded the zImage.elf version of the kernel using the 'dow' command in 'xmd'. 'xmd' is a command console provided by Xilinx. When I type the 'run' command, I get the following output from the serial port.

pb address: 00000000 loaded at: 00400000 004FA124 board data at: 00000400 0000047C relocated to: 0040405C 004040D8 zimage at: 00404F39 004F79A3 avail ram: 004FB000 7D7143A6

Linux/PPC load: console=ttyS0,9600 ip=on root=/dev/xsysace2 rw Uncompressing Linux...done. Now booting the kernel

I get nothing after the 'Now booting the kernel' message is printed. Why does the serail port work while linux is loading, but it stops when the kernel starts to boot?

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it!

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Hi gseegmiller,

Do you have an uart16550 or do you use the opb_uartlite?

If you are using the uartlite the you have to change the cmd line for the kernel.

console=ttys0,9600 is for the uart16550.

think it should read this for the uartlite.


best regards Lasse

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Lasse Eriksson



I'm using the uart16550. I've also used the uartlite with the same results.

Thank you for responseding!


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