Bootloader for S3C440BOX based board

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Hello All, I am new to this group.I have some expertise on developing
kernel drivers(from the Linux Device Drivers book)..........:-)...... I
have a Samsung S3C440BOX board with 2MB flash,8MB SDRAM,1 USB (device)
port,1 Ethernet RTL8019AS chip ,2 Serial(male) ports ,1 IDE interface
and 4 Application buttons.The board is from a company called Anyway
Technology Company in HK.I am interested in developing the bootloader
for this board (I wish to learn the internal of OSs and
Bootloaders).Could any of you please tell me how I could get around
doing this.

I  have a wiggler cable for downloading the binary to the FLASH and an
application for the same.Is the above mentioned utilities sufficient
for starting development.Any feedback on the above said would be highly
Thanks In Advance.George.

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