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The Open Palmtop Integrated Environment (Opie) is pleased to announce the
availiability of the Opie Source Development Kit (SDK).
The package contains the API and full integration into the award-winning
KDevelop3 open source IDE through templates for applications and plugins.
Additionally Python bindings are available (PyQt) as well as support for
easy deployment and packaging.

The kit provides developers with all tools necessary to develop open  
professional class applications for all sorts of Linux based mobile and
embedded devices running under the Opie platform.
The SDK can be downloaded from the Opie website at
http://opie.handhelds.org .

About Opie:
Having evolved from TrollTech's (TM) Qtopia (TM) platform, the Open Palmtop
Integrated Environment (Opie) has advanced to be the most complete and
sophisticated open and free graphical platform for Linux based embbeded
devices, PDAs and SmartPhones.
Reference implementations (feeds) are provided for HP iPAQs and Sharp Zaurus
PDAs, as well as for SimPads and Ramses boards.
Oliver Fels
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