[ANN] Metrowerks Launches Linux(r) OS Development Tool Suite for Sharp Zaurus(tm) PDA

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Comprehensive, Professional-Grade Application Development Solution
Simplifies Cross Platform Integration, Offers Windows OS-Hosted
Development Environment
LinuxWorld Conference and Expo - San Francisco - August 5, 2003 -
Developers of applications targeted for the Sharp Zaurus(tm) personal
digital assistant (PDA) device can now benefit from the first integrated
development suite created specifically for the platform with the launch
of CodeWarrior(tm) Development Studio for Sharp Zaurus Application
Development, Version 1.

The integrated development environment (IDE) allows developers to author
code on a Windows operating system desktop and then deploy applications
directly to the Sharp Zaurus device, which is based on Intel(r)
XScale(tm) technology.  The Sharp Zaurus runs on the Linux operating
system and is based on the Metrowerks OpenPDA platform -- a
comprehensive software solution for personal connectivity devices that
offers professional-grade tools, commercial software, integration
services and training designed to speed and simplify the creation of
network-connected portable computing devices.

Metrowerks, creator of market-leading software development tools for
Palm OS(r) applications, has teamed with Sharp Electronics Corp.,
supplier of the successful Sharp Zaurus personal digital assistant (PDA)
device, to offer the advanced development tools. The offering combines a
Windows OS hosted environment, the most commonly used development
platform in the world, and Linux, one of the fastest growing operating
systems for portable devices, to create a comprehensive, affordable
development solution.

Developers can choose to write applications in Qt, a multi-platform C++
application framework, Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME(tm)), and
other standard programming languages.  This allows applications to
easily integrate into existing enterprise systems. Now application
developers building customized solutions for the latest Zaurus PDA
family, including the SL-5600, can create, compile, link, debug and
deploy applications directly on the Sharp Zaurus device without exiting
the CodeWarrior environment.

The development suite includes a GNU compiler, linker and assembler
utilities within the Trolltech Qt(r) Designer, the CodeWarrior Debugger
for ARM(r) architectures, and the Cygwin(tm) environment, which is
compatible with the Linux OS and is hosted on the Windows OS.  

The Metrowerks CodeWarrior Development Studio for Sharp Zaurus
Application Development, Version 1, contains the following components
and benefits:
( Professional tool suite for Linux OS application development for the
Sharp Zaurus
( Ability to use GNU compiler, linker and assembler utilities within the
Cygwin(tm) environment, which is based on the Linux OS and is hosted on
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.
( CodeWarrior Debugger for ARM technology enables users to debug Linux
OS applications on Windows operating system hosts
( Accelerated GUI development with integrated user interface designer
( One-click navigation to browse code quickly
( Import and export existing makefiles and .elf files with ease
( Enables user to target multiple platforms
( Command line adapters for GCC compiler targeted at the Linux OS to
speed development time
( Professional support and services available

Availability and Pricing
The Metrowerks CodeWarrior Development Studio for Sharp Zaurus
Application Development, Version 1 is available for $799(USD) from both
Metrowerks and Sharp. For additional information, contact Metrowerks by
telephone at 800-377-5416 or by e-mail at snipped-for-privacy@metrowerks.com. For more
information about the Sharp Zaurus SL-5600, visit www.sharp-usa.com or
call 1-800-BE-SHARP.  Developers for the Sharp Zaurus may visit the
Zaurus DevNet at www.zaurus.com/dev/.  For information on pricing and
availability outside the U.S. and Canada, contact the Metrowerks
International Sales Offices listed at www.metrowerks.com/buy, or e-mail
requests to snipped-for-privacy@metrowerks.com.

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