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Now Shipping CodeWarrior Development Studio, ARM ISA Edition for Linux
Platform Development v2.
Designed for embedded Linux developers, CodeWarrior(tm) Development
Studio, ARM(r) ISA Edition for Linux Platform Development gives
programmers access to all aspects of system development. Debug your
Linux kernel at source level, create/build loadable modules, file
systems and applications all from within one development environment.

What's New!

* Work with industry-standard GCC tools within a Linux-compatible
Cygwin(tm) environment hosted on Windows(r)

* Tightly integrated CodeWarrior C/C++ debugger, allowing seamless
multi-process application loadable module and kernel level debug

* New Editor enhancements(auto code formatting, word wrap, etc.  

* Access all the tools you need for complete Linux application
development from one user-interface - including GNU build tools.

* Excellent multi-threaded debugging, each thread within a separate
window with independent run control  

CodeWarrior Development Studio, ARM ISA Edition for Linux Platform
Development, Version 2.0 is shipping now.  A 30-day evaluation version
of the product is also available at no cost.  Contact Metrowerks by
telephone at 800-377-5416 or +1-512-997-4700, or by e-mail at
snipped-for-privacy@metrowerks.com.  Suggested retail price is $4795, which includes
one year of maintenance support.

         CodeWarrior Development Studio for Macintosh v9
Enhance Your Productivity and Shorten your Development Cycles
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