Linux and ARM7

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I'm looking into a RTOS and wanted to get some advice from the real
pros out there.  Would linux be a good solution for an embedded medical


Re: Linux and ARM7

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Embedded in a patient?

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Re: Linux and ARM7
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It depends.  If the device can hurt, mistreat or kill the patient, then  
no.  If you want an RTOS, then no.  Otherwise, it basically depends on  
requirements of graphics, I/O, response time and memory.

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Re: Linux and ARM7
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nothing such non-predictable should be used in medical devices. but
since I know that some companies use ARM7 with RT linux in critical
areas, it should work if errors cant harm anybody.

Re: Linux and ARM7
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Linux is not realtime and thus it's timing behavior is not 100 %
predictable. Moreover Linux is huge and thus there might be weakly
tested spots. So critical stuff might better be done in another
environment (Not Windows, of course, as this is even less predictable.)

You might want to take a look at stuff like "PIKE OS" (e.g. This is a small real time OS that is commercially
supported and certified and works together with Linux. So you can do the
non-critical stuff (GUI, Network etc) in Linux. (I never used it so
don't ask...)


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