RTOS and developmet tools for ColdFire

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Hi Folks,

I am working on a project to design a
communication system using Motorola 5282
ColdFire processor. I am looking for RTOS
and development tools with the following

-Robust and Reliable
-Good Documentation  and Technical support
-Simple and Easy to install
-Scalable and expandable for future
-Available device drivers
-Repeatable company

We can not afford expensive RTOS and tools,
so I am looking for low-cost or free ones.

Can anyone please give me some information or
source of up-to-date information, like a
comparison table.

I am specifically intrested in knowing more
about open-source RTOS like Embedded-Linux.
How is the current status and future trends
of Embedded-Linux ?



Re: RTOS and developmet tools for ColdFire

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IANAL, but it is highly unlikely that SCO has any reasonable claims for
licence fees on ucLinux - even by their own, often bizare and
self-contradictory, logic the current ucLinux version is not under threat -
it is based on kernel 2.2, while SCO's complaint is soley about 2.4 and
above.  When 2.6 gets the "stable" stamp, I would guess it will be the next
step for ucLinux (i.e., Linux on cpu's without MMUs), since the ucLinux
patches are now in the main tree.  Then ucLinux will be open to the same
licencing questions as full-blown linux.  And does anyone really think they
have a moral and/or legal right to impose such licences?

Of course, even if you don't have to pay a run-time licence fee, you still
have to know/learn a lot about linux internals, and be prepared to put in a
fair amount of effort (or pay someone else...) to get everything working on
your own boards.  The same applies to any embedded OS, whether open or
closed source.

Other big open-source RTOSs (ucLinux is an OS, but not an RTOS) that might
be worth checking out are RTEMS and eCOS.


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Re: RTOS and developmet tools for ColdFire
have a look at : www.ucos-ii.com

As for dev tools there is a whole variety on the market
Ranging from various vendors (TASKING, DiabData, Greenhills) to GNU.

You may have to make up your mind about budgets and available time resources
to complete a project.
I do not want to comment on the quality of any of the tools.

Of uCOS-II I know that it serves the purpose well and is extremely well
documented and supported.
(That's for RTOS) as for OS : please browse the comments of the fellows here
in the forum.


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Re: RTOS and developmet tools for ColdFire
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Hi Jim,

Assuming you are looking for a real-time operating system (as opposed to a
general operating system), I can recommend www.netburner.com. The company
sells a development board that includes the 5282 as well as a complete
development tool set, including an RTOS (actually a uCos-I derivate),
TCP/IP, and GNU GCC. I know that the company offer licenses for custom
hardware (although I don't know the exact cost for this).
As a previous post recommended, I also recommend uCos-II. It's resonably
priced for commercial licenses.
eCos (http://sources.redhat.com/ecos /) could also possibly be of interest
for you.

I've gathered a number of links to free RTOS implementations on our website:
Select the 'Knowledg'e submenu, and scroll down to 'RTOS implementations'.
The list is by no means complete, but at least there are some links to
interesting websites.

If you are interested, you can always download our configurable RTOS for
free (including source code). Just download our graphical configuration
tool, InfraBed, and make a registration (which is free and very easy). You
can then download the configurable source code package. InfraBed can be
found under the 'Download' submenu.

It's a portable RTOS, which supports virtually any processor on the market,
and we have customers that are using it on the 5282 processor. Writing a
port yourself is typically an one day task - and maybe another day of
debugging, just to be sure it works :-)

Our RTOS is free for non-commercial applications.

//Anders Rosvall, Embedded Artists

Re: RTOS and developmet tools for ColdFire

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Hi Jim,

The first thing they teach in engineering school is "there is no free
lunch".  This definitely applies to RTOS selection as well.  "Free"
and "Good Documentation and Support" do not go together - so one will
have to be sacrificed.  "Free" and "Simple and Easy to install" also
are conflicting parameters.

For the Coldfire, I'd recommend looking at the Nucleus RTOS.  It has
an initial investment, but is royalty free.  It is wonderfully stable,
well documented and has good technical support.  I'm sure that it is
not the only good commercial RTOS out there, but we are more than
happy with it.  You need to consider time to market in this decision.
What happens to your business if you are 12 months late on the project
because you don't have good support?  Are you VC funded?  Will your
investors get impatient?  Will a competitior beat you to market?
These are bigger picture questions that are definitely affected by
your RTOS decision.  Choose wisely my friend...and good luck!!!


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