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Hi all,

I am currently out of a job and am looking to get into embedded device
programming. I have been looking at some Real Time Operating System(s)
and am at a loss as to which one I should use in the beginning.

There are a lot of embedded linux RTOS that are quite cheap and I am
inclined to go with one of them. I was wondering if people could make
some recommendations. Basically, I would want to get hands-on with
something that is being used in the industry and will not get outdated
in the next year. Of course it is has slick developer tools available,
that would be a great plus!

I was pretty impressed with TimeSys (www.timesys.com). However, I would
like to know the view of the folks here.

Also, what development boards should the begineer look at. Are there
any begineer projects that you would recommend?



Re: RTOS recommendation

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In the beginning, you shouldn't use one at all.  Write some
simple embedded embedded applications without an RTOS: Blink
some LEDs, send "hello" out a UART.

Once you understand how to do stuff like that, then start with
a simple RTOS like uC/OS.  There's a very good book that
describes the internals and which includes a CD. Or there are
versions you can download.

Slightly more complex is eCos (also a free download).

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Embedded Linux is pretty complex.  If you haven't done embedded
stuff before, I'd start with something simpler.

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Not really.  Slick tools hide many of the things you need to

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I'd start with something like an HC11 eval board or an H8/300
eval board.  They usually come with "starter" versions of
tools, though I prefer to use Gnu stuff.

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Re: RTOS recommendation
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Or start with an even simpler (but still powerful) RTOS like Sciopta.  It has
a hassle-free message-based architecture that keeps you well away from the
pain of mail boxes and application-programmer-managed message queues.

Re: RTOS recommendation
Thanks a lot for the advice guys.

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