Online or Fort Collins/Denver-local embedded linux training?

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Help! I'm having no luck trying to find a place that offers good online or
local to Fort Collins, CO (north of Denver) area embedded linux training. My
background has quite a bit of embedded programming experience, but nothing
in the way of embedded linux and I would really like to get up to speed
quickly as well as have some kind of certificate that shows I actually
learned something.

Does anyone here know of a good place to take an online classes specific to
embedded work in Linux? Or, is there place anywhere from Fort Collins to
Denver that offers classroom training in this area? It won't work to use one
of those places that come out to your workplace to train a group as I'm on
my own and have to pay for it out-of-pocket. There's just got to be an
alternative, right?

Thanks in advance,
Jon E.

P.S. Please post your reply here - I'm not using the e-mail address shown to
avoid getting spammed into oblivion.

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