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Dear Friends,

Hi , I am rahul would like to have your guidence. Actually i have Embedded CPU module (Advantech make) it's just like a normal PC . and instead of HDD i have 2GB flash memory. I want to install RedHat Linux on this Flash memory with NI LabView Runtime engine. So I would like to request you to tell me how do optimum installation of linux. And also i want to hide the start-up messeges and screen of Linux

Wishing that you all will reply to my querry

Regards Rahul

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Check if Advantech has already a kernel with development environment etc. for you. If you want absolute redhat on the system you just install the kernel source code on you desktop pc and cp the complete tree to you home directory to prevent any severe errors by installing a changed kernel over your working system. You can also just use a clean vanilla linux kernel without all the redhat tweaks (I would prefer that, especially with a flash memory of only 2 GB). with make xconfig you just (de)select all the drivers and other parts. Create your kernel and test it. Create a filesystem for an embedded system ... (yes, you should really read a lot first ...). Use for example busybox, tinylogin etc. etc. etc. etc. At the very very end you can think of this horrible labview. taco

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How about 'dd' a 9MB freebsd system into this 2GB flash memory? do you think freebsd (6) can run on it?

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