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This is not really an embedded question, but i figured many embedded
products might be using linux so probably someone can help me out. any
help will be highly appreciated.

I am tyring to create a bootable Linux Installation CDROM ISO image. I
am able to create the iso image with the vmlinuz version RHEL 2.4.21-37.
When i burn a CD with the ISO image i created, the installation goes
till "running /sbin/loader", then asks for keyboard type, langauge
selection etc etc, and after words fails with the following message

"No Red Hat Enterprise Linux CD was found that matchs your boot media
type. Please insert the Red Hat Enterprise Linux CD and retry."

I am not sure why i an getting this error message. Wondering if any one
has any clue about the above error and any fix/workaround.

If I simple use vmlinuz version 2.4.21-32, the installation works just
fine. But I need 2.4.21-37 so can not do with .32 .



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