GUI Licencing issues

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Hi there,

I'm doing a survey of Linux embedded GUI Systems for a customer.

Looks like there are (at least) 4 GUI Options:

* Fully fledged X-Window System (possibly using tiny-X)
* Microwindows/Nano-X System probably using FLTK
* Qtopia/QPE
* MiniGUI

My question is about royalties now.

Microwindows/Nano-X is MPL, X-Window System is BSD-like, MiniGUI is GPL and
Qtopia/QPE has a commercial Licence.

The customer should be able to generate proprietary GUI Interfaces without
Licence violations.

So which Royalty-free Options does this give?


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Re: GUI Licencing issues

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To clarify 2 things in your post:

1) Qtopia/QPE is dual-licensed from Trolltech.  A GPL version (which
requires you GPL your code written against it, but no royalties) and the
commercial/closed-source version.

2) Last time I checked, the commercial version of QPE is available as a
one-time fee with no per-unit royalties.  However, I believe it is rather


Re: GUI Licencing issues
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