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Looks like there is no central place to discuss embedded linux UI
issues on the net, so I created a google group which allows us to
discuss anything regarding embedded Linux GUI topics.

The group URL is:


Let have fun with it.

Best Regards,
Marco Wang

Re: Discussion group for embedded linux GUI
g regarding embedded Linux GUI topics.
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IMHO it's a really good idea to create such a discussion group. I would
be happy to be in.

I took a look there but I feel that creating a google account is not a
good idea, as they are famous for abusing the information they collect
about their users. And I'm not willing to visit a propriety website to
take part in a discussion on open source themes.

Is there not a better - more technical - place that could host
the group. The format should be a standard newsgroup (preferred), a
mailing list or a website based on a standard GUI system such as phpBB
(http://www.phpbb.com/ )


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