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Hi werty/Others,

I was going through some of werty's postings on gui based programming.My doubt is even if you use GUI instead of program instructions interms of final binary how about the size of memory?Do applications like Labview which is talked about be able to generate final binary and help you to fuse code in final hardware with optimised mem size?

Personally I prefer VB for GUI programming but believe its not so friendly on the hardware programming side(with my limited knowledge of using VB for hardware programming,developed some activex controls for industrial automation a couple of years bak!).

Considering most embedded systems in the final version does not need GUI,how efficient they can be in the functionality of the product?Only advantage I can see is reduction in programming time.

Can elite people elicit me on this?

Regards, s.subbarayan

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Don't waste your time, he/she's a fruit-cake! Pure troll-speak.


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Why? They're either trolling or the product of a deranged mind. And I mean that as inclusive-or ;)


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Werty is a fruitcake..

VB is simple, as is c# and Efficient, well that can be debated. Visual C++ and borland C++ (both use MFC now) are a real pain in the ass, but you can be more effieient if you code well.

VB, C#, is less prone to errors, C++ is more prone to errors.

C# and enforce more secure programming. modern C++ libs try to.

Spot on. Effeciency can be traded for ease of prgramming and safety. IF you have 2 buttons and a couple of buttons, then a rich GUI language is probably a waste. If you want a rich GUI then the effort saved using a supporting luanguage will no doubt save you a lot of programming effort, and hence time and money./

I am sure I am not elite, so I dont know.

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