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Can anyone help me with  Linker LD script memory allocation
I need to write a embedded bootloader

The bootloader should be placed i ROM at 0xa000 and above . The code should
include some function foo1()... foo10().  and main() and crt0

The CPU  starts at 0x0000 where it should be vector which should point to
crt0 (rom version)
.After boot process . The bootloader wil copy its Ram based program ( runing
in RAM) from external device (Rs232) .

The Memory is mapped as
000-0x50  Hardware vectors (prom)
0x52---0x1ffe  Program  RAM   Where the sshould be copied from external
2000-3000 Ram ( ram , heap , stack)
0xa000-0xc000 ROM (bootloader)

How should I  write a LD script file  for both Rom and Ram based version

With regards
George Arndt

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