Embedded SBC with 1000Base-T and ATA/133?

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Anyone know of an embedded SBC (I don't care about arch - size in the
5.25" CD-ROM bay range would be nice) that has a Gigabit Ethernet (not
fiber) and ATA/133 (aka Ultra DMA 133)?  I'm open to boards that can
add one or the other as an add-on card, but from what I seen, most
use, at best, a 32-bit 33 MHz PCI bus, which probably isn't fast
enough.  I'd guess hanging the Gigabit ethernet off of the PCI bus
would probably work, but the ATA/133 would have to be on-board.

Pete Flugstad
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Re: Embedded SBC with 1000Base-T and ATA/133?
Pete Flugstad schrieb:
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http://www.lippert-at.de/miniitx.html (only ATA 100 UDMA)


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