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I'm searching for a low-cost sbc that give me the possibility to connect to a server throught a wireless connection. For now, I've only found boards witch allows ethernet connection, but nothing about wireless. Are there some products that match my needs?

Thanks everybody for help.

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There are wireless adapters through ethernet, usb and CF. In my opinion, CF would be the fastest and most cost effective option. Just look for a controller with CF I/O, and not hardwired for memory.

Are you planning on buying or building (DIY)? For DIY, I got a project for you. Namely, fixing an AT91RM9200 Arm board's CF (need additional address pins). If you fix it, you can get the board free.

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Thanks for your help, Yes, I'm thinking about a DIY, but I'm a newbie on embedded systems, so my objective is to learn and put in practice as much as possible about this argument. I was planning to buy a board, put on it a linux system and than to learn how to deal with a wireless connection.

For these reasons I don't think I've the skill for helping you with the project you suggest.


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I suggest checking out the Zipit. It's an ARM7 with a fair amount of Linux support, with WiFi. There's a wiki for setting up a build environment and reflashing, and a great group. They're $99 on Amazon.

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Could you please tell where you can find this group and details ? TIA

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