Compiling Packages for an embedded Linux with cross compiler ?

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Most of the open source packages one get in a tar ball, one compiles
with the following:

make install.

Now If I have a cross compiler on a Linux box. Say RH9 (x86) and my
target is an ARM7 based board with Linux. How does one tell configure
that it should use the cross compiler for the build ?
The specific package I am interested in at the moment is CDK (Curses
Development Kit).

   Anton Erasmus

Re: Compiling Packages for an embedded Linux with cross compiler ?
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./configure --prefix=/tmp/embedded-target-root/usr --host=arm-linux
make install

Sometimes you need more "stuff" on the configure line,
like setting environment variables CC=arm-linux-gcc,
RANLIB=arm-linux-ranlib, or CXX=arm-linux-g++.  In recent
versions of autoconf, the --host=arm-linux is supposed to
take care of all this for you.

It's also generally recommended to build in a separate
directory from pristine sources, e.g.,

tar -xvzf foo.tar.gz
mkdir foo-arm
cd foo-arm
CC=arm-linux-gcc ../foo/configure --prefix=/tmp/embedded-target-root/usr
make install

There is also sometimes trickery to distinguish between the
path of the actual install directory (/tmp/embedded-target-root/usr)
and the directory that will show up as on the target system
(/usr).  When building glibc, for instance, you really configure
with --prefix="", then
   make install_root=/tmp/embedded-target install

These are general guidelines only.  Many open source packages
are put out by people who have never cross-compiled in their life,
and there's no end of troubles that can crop up.  It takes practice.
The more complex the package, the more issues you may have to dig

    - Larry

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