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Hello all,

I have made below post to comp.os.linux.ppc, and I decided thought
this group is possibly another related group. So I paste my post also
to this group:

I have a problem about cross-compiling a software packet for PPC using
ELDK. In fact, my problem may be about the GNU build system; so, my
apologies if you think this group is not the right place for this

As you all are probably familiar that configure script in a GNU build
system generates a Makefile considering the config.sub file which is
used to define the machine type. In addition, configure script
generates the config.h file for the underlying OS dependencies.

When building our software packet, what really is the way to make the
configure script generate the config.h file for the target system. Is
giving --host=OUR_TARGET enough for this? Or is there any other
configure script inputs those should be considered? Or, is it possible
for this issue to vary from one software packet to the other?

In addition, I could not find prefix "ppc_8xx" in the "basic_machine"
variable of "config.sub" file of the free code that I am working to
compile, and I have simple added this for all the "basic_machine"
variable in the "config.sub" file? Do you think this will work?


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