Building cross-compiler gcc

I'm currently attempting to build gcc-3.4.3 for an embedded PPC405/vxWorks platform. I'm building the cross-compiler on a Linux/i686 running the Debian 3.1 distribution with a 2.6.8 kernel.

The problem is that I'm compiling

--with-headers={vxworks-path-goes-here} and in order for that to work, it needs several compiler switches added everytime it uses the generated compiler to compile libstdc++, libgcc, libiberty, etc. I cannot find an easy way to do this. I had to modify gcc/ for libgcc to compile, now it's complaining about libiberty, and I'm starting to dread having to do this for each and every subdirectory/library that is compiled.

Despite my fruitless searching, I'm still hoping there's something I can do, like configure --with-target-cflags="..."

Any ideas? Aaron

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Try this

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It might help.


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