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> well, i am working on the microcontroller ARM but i am using it as a > simple > microcontroller and want to use RTOS with the help of the Embedded > linux.. > > But i had strated reading the book but i do find that its quiet difficult > can u please suggest me some good ebook...or some material on the > Embedded > linux on the nex > i desparately want to learn embedded linux how do i start?

The manditory question here is: Are you sure you need an RTOS?

Please provide more information, e.g.:

This is a networked device.

I am using Embedded Databases.

I am controlling USB devices.

I need a file system.

I need X-windows support.

I am running multiple applications concurrently.

What do you need a full OS for?


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Because it is Linux Because every computer I have used has an OS Because I want Linux on my CV Because I am following the crowd

I can't understand it either. The RTOS takes up large amounts of resources in space and time. A large number of times I see an RTOS used (eve a free one) it adds a vast amount of complexity, development time and often real expense in hardware and production costs.

Even though I sell an RTOS I usually caution against it's use unless there is a real need. Usually because the project will require multiple process's and requires thing like your list above: file system, network, USB database etc.

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