Want To Buy IC 54S188J

I need following ICs for a repair/maintenance contract.

IC P/N 54S188J or P/N 54S188J/883B

Any one having New/Unused ICs, please E-Mail offer to;


Indicate date code.

I am looking to buy up to 50 each.

Thanks, Robert Smith

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Robert Smith
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I've found a company with about 100 off 54S188...

The company is "Circuit Solutions Inc".

Click on their link on this page...

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(Long URL might wrap)

Their web site

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has some strange protection on it that makes it hard to cut and paste their address :-( anyway they are at:

1580 Lakeland Ave


New York 11716

Tel (613) 563-1100

Fax (613)563-0926/0945

I have no connection with this company, never even heard of them before.


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