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Yet another request for recommendation of an embedded linux board/module
I'm afraid.  The requirements are pretty specific, I haven't seen
anything in my searches with the entire feature set I need, but the
expected quantity (~30) is unlikely to justify a custom build.

Core platform:

  * >= 200MHz system clock
  * >= 32MB DRAM
  * >= 16MB Flash
  * CompactFlash / SD card slot
  * 3x SPI interface (ideally multiple independent channels, but
multiple chip selects OK)
  * USB host controller
  * VGA

  * Linux 2.6.recent support for all of the above (esp. drivers)

The USB + VGA is for touchscreen module interfacing, so a unit with
builtin or optional touchscreen module is also suitable (8/16 bit
colour, 7-8" diagonal)

It's the SPI headers and VGA/TS that seem to be the showstopper.

Looking at, there is a bit of info on connecting LCD
modules to Gumstix but it looks pretty hacky.  And no info re:
touchscreen support.  SPI also draws a blank.

Any suggestions and recommendations greatly appreciated.



Re: board/module recommendation
V Thu, 14 Jun 2007 12:52:30 +1000, John Williams napsal(a):

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TS7300 from

There is one SPI on the board itself.  You could program the FPGA to
provide the others.  The DIO on that board is fully programmable via the

Normally the flash on the board is unpopulated but they can add up to 64
MB of flash I think.

2.6 is not officially supported but there are people running it.  You may
have a problem with SD support and 2.6; by definition sd support is a
binary blob unless you use the much slower MMC io.  (If I'm wrong on this,
please correct me.)


Re: board/module recommendation
Hi Yan,

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Thanks for the suggestion, I am looking at this board as one option.

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Another good reason against binary blob drivers... sigh..

Thanks again,


Re: board/module recommendation
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John, hope you can find some information here


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