Window Manager Under TinyX Help!!!

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Now I am runing TinyX on ARM. Have run Xfbdev successful.

The next step, I want to run a window manager in ARM linux.

 I have found swm in TinyX/bin direction.

But When i runing swm ERROR:

could not open display

if i run swm -display /dev/fb0? Also it error
could not open display /dev/fb0

Also there are many other window manager, such as qvwm, fvwm, icewm,
jwm, karmen, so on

Which window manager do you prefer to use in Embedded Linux?

I have cross compiled jwm and karmen for Embedded Linux. But when run
jwm, karmen, it also ERROR as:

karmen: can't open display

error: could not open display

I think the error is due to display device?

What is the problem?

What should I solve these problem?

Thank you very much.

Re: Window Manager Under TinyX Help!!!
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You don't have a framebuffer.   See if your hardware supports a
framebuffer.  Then see if your kernel supports a framebuffer.  Then read
the framebuffer docs to see how to enable it.

Your hardware may not have a framebuffer; I have a machine that only
supports SVGA, so it needs a different X server....


Re: Window Manager Under TinyX Help!!!

Thanks for your answering,but I am using EP9315 chip, it support frame

Also I enable kernel supports a frame buffer

just as linux configure:
    Graphics support  --->
               [*] Support for frame buffer devices
               [*]   EP93xx frame buffer support
                       EP93xx frame buffer display (LCD display)  ---
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                         ( ) CRT display
                         (X) LCD display
                         ( ) NTSC display
             ( ) PAL display
                       EP93xx frame buffer depth (16bpp true color)
                         ( ) 8bpp pseudo color
                         (X) 16bpp true color
               [ ] Virtual Frame Buffer support (ONLY FOR TESTING!)
                   Console display driver support  --->
                       [ ] VGA text console
                       [ ] MDA text console (dual-headed)
                       [*] Framebuffer Console support
                       [*]   Select compiled-in fonts
                       [*]     VGA 8x8 font
                       [ ]     VGA 8x16 font
                       [ ]     Mac console 6x11 font (not supported by
all drivers)
                       [ ]     Pearl (old m68k) console 8x8 font
                       [ ]     Acorn console 8x8 font
                       [ ]     Mini 4x6 font
                       [ ]     Sparc console 8x16 font
                       [ ]     Sparc console 12x22 font (not supported
by all drivers)
                   Logo configuration  --->
                       [*] Bootup logo
                       [*]   Standard black and white Linux logo
                       [*]   Standard 16-color Linux logo
                       [*]   Standard 224-color Linux logo

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