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Hi guys,

I'm currently working on a robot that should navigate through a maze, and am
thinking of using embedded Linux for it.

As the robot should be expansible (it might have other extra functions in
the future), I am looking for a rather solid system (I am thinking of about
200 MHz clock speed, but with a modern processor designed for embedded
applications such as the Cirrus EP9302 for example, not an old pentium), but
need to get started quickly without bothering a lot about hardware & OS

I need a processor and a corresponding board that already work with the 2.6
Kernel (even though I might fine tune it a little, I want to get started as
soon as possible), and it should be possible to connect them to sensors
(maybe through some RS232 or parallel ports), preferably have 1 or 2 USB
ports (thinking of connecting it to a webcam or maybe other things in the
future). As for memory, I think the best thing would be about 64-128 MB of
flash ROM/compact flash.

I know it's hard but I would really love it if there's a way to get a
wireless LAN or bluetooth working on them quickly because I might build to
robots that communicate together.

As I told you before, I need to start working on my actual program fast so
it should be possible to easily download Linux to memory and then be able to
telnet to it via LAN.

Finally, it would be great if you can provide a price estimate.

Thanks a lot,


Re: Processor/board recommendation
Hello everyone,

Since I didn't get any response, I guess I was demanding a lot :)
Anyway, I wouldn't mind any board (even without most of the features I
requested) as long as it's known to work with Linux and you have a price

Thanks again

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Re: Processor/board recommendation

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Have you taken a look at Technologic Systems board.  Based on ep9301.
$149 qty one.  Dev kits available.
Technologic Systems - Home Page


Re: Processor/board recommendation
Thanks Joe, this board is awesome! I am going to order one soon. I checked again, but unfortunately there are no prices there except
for a few boards. The Arcom Viper is a great board but it's waaaaaaaay over
my budget.

Thanks again guys!

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Re: Processor/board recommendation
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Look at . They show many linux compatible
boards. There are quite a few based on Intel Xscale PXA255 that could
match your requirements. In particular, Arcom's Viper, if you can afford
  $450 cost.



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