How to install system to ARM7TDMI-S?


I found the LPC2138 ARM7TDMI-S from Philips is a very low-cost board can be used as an embedded router. Can anyone tell me how to install Linux or FreeBSD on to this board's Flash memory?

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Thanks Sam

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While this is a nice board, I don't think you manage to install any of the OS you mention. The problem is that those Philips ARM incarnations don't have an external databus. You would need it to connect enough RAM and probably also some kind of mass storeage like a CompactFlash to store the filesystem etc.

The cheapest platfomrs to mess around with uC Linux and the like are IMHO certain off the shelf routers which you hack and load with your own code. But since you are after creating a router....



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Markus Zingg

If you are after a tiny ARM7 RTOS then you might like to take a look at

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There are plenty of demos (including TCP/IP) for ARM7 devices, but not unfortunately for this particular board.

Regards, Richard.

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It says on the webpage that it comes with an RTOS, but they don't say which one.

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Boudewijn Dijkstra


There's no way to run Linux or *BSD. The board would need a lot more memory. You might be able to get a smaller RTOS like eCos or uC/OS-II and LWIP running.

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