FM radio antenna - Connect to cable??

I just bought a very nice Radio/CD system. It has all I want but has NO antenna connections. It has an internal antenna for AM which is adequate. It has a single wire as a FM antenna. There are no connections for am or fm antennas!!!

I am in an area with NO fm reception. I do have cable, however, which carries a large number of FM stations.

I have contacted the vendor seeking advice and they only suggested returning the item.

Can you offer any ideas about how to connect this single wire antenna to the cable? Please reply to the e-mail address.



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Here are two things to try...

(1) Strip off a little piece of the single wire. Then connect an alligator clip jumper to this wire, and the other end to the center wire of the coax. Note that this will leave a live cable TV signal with an unshielded conductor, which will probably radiate. This could cause problems if you have neighbors, but if you don't have anyone close, then don't worry about it.

(2) Try getting a coax to flat cable transformer. Connect the coax end to your cable. Connect one wire of the flat cable to the single wire coming out of the radio. Connect the other side to the ground trace on the circuit board.


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Call the cable company.  They probably run into this kind of thing
every day and can supply you with a splitter/filter and even hook it
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John Fields

I've used a coax-to-twinlead adaptor - connect one of the twinlead terminals to the radio's antenna, and the other terminal to any handy ground terminal on the radio.

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It has a

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antenna to the

That's really bad advice. Don't worry about it until the cable company truck drives by with the cable leakage sensing equipment in it. Then it will stop at your location and pick up the leakage, and you'll be in trouble with the cable company. Not to worry. They'll just cut off your cable service, among other punitive actions.


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