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I live in an apartment and would like to try using an indoor AM/FM antenna in order to improve reception of radio broadcasts through my A/V receiver. (Hooking up the receiver to the cable jack with coaxial cable does not improve the quality of reception...)

Is there a site that rates _indoor_ AM/FM antennas commonly sold in the USA?

PS: I am not interested in the build-your-own antenna, nor can I afford XM radio. Also, installing an antenna outdoors is out of the question.


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Then what about a set of rabbit ears which covers the FM radio band. You can get amplified versions which might be more suitable (sometimes boosts the signal into where the noise quieting circuits cut in--results are likely to correspond to the quality of the receiver.)

Regards, JS

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John Smith

AM is a bit more difficult, really needing an outdoor antenna.

However, there is a "select-a-tenna" or something similar to that name which will magnetically couple to the ferrite rod in the receiver when place in a proper position to the radio ...

Sorry, didn't see the AM in the question at first.

Regards, JS

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John Smith

I wouldnt moneky about with rabbit ears or a selecta antenna.

You need a loop antenna for good MW & LW reception, as it gives directivity and huge gain over a whip or a ferrite rod. No connection to the radio and existing antenna needed, just place it along side. You can buy one, or even make one yourself for a few pounds.

if you're really serious construct a pair of these loops away from all electrical noise. You will be able to rotate the directional pick up around a full 360=B0 and hear stuff you could only dream about before. the trick is to get it away from man made interference, such as TVs, computers, and broadband lines. (have you a Long garden maybe?).

There is a commercial version available from a firm in Wales called Wellbrook - I can recommend that one. Not cheap though. OFCOM use loads of these as dop embassies. Ive installed them all over Europe.

Best 73s

Paul Rusling

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